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We are in Heraklion, the largest city and capital of Crete, Greece.

The filmmaker, from a height, gives us a panoramic shot of a part of the city, during of which we see the Church of St. Sophia, elements of the urban construction, part of the Venetian port, but also large hotel units. The camera focuses on the sculptural monument of the Battle of Crete, on Dimokratias Street, where the parade is going to take place, as the filming date is October 28th, the National Anniversary of the Greek resistance during World War II.

The filmmaker has gone near Dimokratias Street, the parade begins with the Philharmonic Orchestra which passes by playing a march. They are preceded by the flag bearers with all the symbolic banners of the Nation. Afterwards, elementary school students parade, passing by the official’s podium and behind it we can see the statue of Eleftherios Venizelos. We see a close up shot on the military leadership officials.

Students of High Schools for boys and girls follow, groups in traditional costumes are in between as well as students of Technical Schools and Scouts.

A representative of the Military leadership takes his place on the podium as the parade continues with the Army Corps. Manned vehicles that carry from small missiles to large-caliber guns, armoured fighting vehicle (tanks) and vehicles transporting special weapons systems parade.

The bicyclists and vehicles of the Greek Police follow and just after that, the Fire Service.

The parade continues with the Philharmonic band, men who wear breeches with banners, Red Cross nurses, traditionally dressed Cretan girls holding a large Greek flag, but also groups in traditional costumes from other areas of Greece.




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Tsamadias Spyros




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Super 8mm