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Tinos is the third largest island of the Cyclades in the Aegean Sea, in Greece.

The film begins with the famous violinist Markos Vidalis or "Kalioupas" from Tinos who plays his violin, accompanied by his son Spyros, who plays the lute as they sit on a terrace in Tinos Chora (the island’s capital).

In the next shot, the filmmaker overlooks Chora from a jetty. We see a panoramic view of Chora, where we can stand out the Church of Evangelistria of Tinos or "Panagia of Tinos", which is the largest Orthodox pilgrimage in Greece and the island’s most emblematic place. The Chora embraces the imposing hill Exomvourgo or Xomvourgo. The panoramic view closes with the Church of Archangels. We see a close-up shot of the church of Panagia of Tinos.

In the port, the fishermen patch their spread fishing nets. We see a shot at the boarding-disembarkation point of the visitors with safety bars and a welcome sign on the island that says "Welcome to Tinos”.

Then the filmmaker wanders in the countryside and the villages of Arnados, Tripotamos, Dio Choria etc., where we see various styles of the special architecture of the island, which was formed by the passage of the Venetians and Ottomans, but also the Cycladic influence.

A dovecote that imitates a small castle. The pigeon houses in Tinos are characteristic elements of high aesthetics of the building art, at the same time they are fully functional and are considered the trademark of the island.

A man passes by with his donkey. We see shots from the church of Panagia (Virgin Mary) Malamatenia, a public basin with water for the animals, a man with two donkeys goes to the place where he houses his cattle, views from the traditional villages with the arched galleries and the stairs.

A building with columns of water for public washing. A woman washes her clothes. We see narrow stone-built alleys, the island’s everyday life, ornate dovecotes, arches, bell towers and the filmmaker who interviews an elderly local. Then, we are in the main square of the village “Dio Choria” (Two Villages), plane trees, a large white staircase next to the cafe "I agapi" with its patrons.

On the screen, we see again the violinist Markos Vidalis with his son Spyros and lastly a frame with the sign of the itineraries of the ship "OIA", which leads to Tinos.


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Merdenisianos Konstantinos S. (Mersanos)




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Super 8mm

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November 1969, Tinos. The filming was made by Alekos Florakis, folklorist ethnologist (PhD) who now lives in Tinos.
Merdenisianos Konstantinos S. (Mersanos)