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We are in Kato Garouna, a village in central Corfu, south of the island’s capital.

The filmmaker gives us shots of a feast that has been set up in the square, the dancers wear the traditional costumes of Corfu, while in the middle stands the band, which is consisted of four musicians, two guitars, a violin and an accordion.

The women are dressed festively, they wear shirts and "peselia", that is a velvet cardigan with long sleeves, a skirt with an embroidered finish and an apron, as well as knitted white socks up to the knee and black shoes with thick heels. In their clothing stands out the headband, which is composed of a flower wreath and a scarf.

The male dancers wear a white shirt with a dark vest and wide breeches up to the middle of the calf, while on their heads they have the "tritsa", the characteristic straw hat.

The first dance we watch is called "Balletes", it is a dance of Venetian origin in which dancers face each other (like a square dance). Next is the circular sirtos (traditional greek folk dance) of Corfu, which is mainly danced by women in the circle, while the men are in the middle, making the so-called "tsalimia" (freestyle theatrical gestures to impress the audience).


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Merdenisianos Konstantinos S. (Mersanos)




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Super 8mm