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It is March 25, the date on which the Greeks celebrate the Greek Revolution of 1821 against Ottoman rule also known as Independence Day, with military and student parades, as well as various other events. In Athens, the parade takes place in front of the government officials in Syntagma Square, outside the Greek Parliament.

We are in the center of Athens, on a balcony of Irodou Attikou Street, from where the filmmaker records the departure of the-then-President of the Republic Konstantinos Karamanlis, to Syntagma Square. The President's limousine is accompanied by motorcyclists of the City Police, while an honorary military detachment stands at attention. From the balcony, people applaud, children hold flags as well as an old man greets the camera.

We see a shot of the Parthenon on the Acropolis of Athens and the Greek flag waving. The filmmaker on the street follows the old man with the three little boys heading, through the Zappeion, and we also see the people who organize the parade. We see members of the Philharmonic orchestra, soldiers, police officers, sailors, citizens.

The grandfather buys more little flags for the boys, from a street vendor. Then they move to the lower side of Syntagma Square, we see the fountain, a shot of the Greek Parliament, the Philharmonic orchestra and police officers. The cars of the officials drive to their seats from which the government officials will watch the parade.

The filmmaker with the grandfather and the little boys are on the balcony of the Athenian Club, a men's club in Athens, on Panepistimiou and Amerikis streets. Under the balcony and as they move away from the Syntagma, we see jeeps and military trucks passing by with soldiers and tanks.

The flow of the parade is interrupted by a general view of the neoclassical buildings of the city, the Byzantine style architecture Ophthalmology Clinic, the Academy of Athens, the main building of the University of Athens and the National Library. The parade continues as crowds on the sidewalks watch.

Artillery jeeps follow, while in the sky air Force aircrafts pass in low flight formations. On the road is a series of rocket launchers and we also have an opportunity to see another great building of the city, the Numismatic Museum of Athens.

This is followed by patrol cars and motorcycles of the police and then vehicles of the Fire Brigade.

Aircrafts in the sky again while on the road we watch infantry with flags, a division of the Military Officers School and a division of the women of the Greek army.




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Athanasoglou Nikolaos

HD (1440x1080)



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Super 8mm