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Souli is a historical, mountainous and steep geographical area, which is consisted of a set of villages, known as Souliotochoria, in Central Epirus, Greece.

The film opens with an impressive shot of the mountains of Mourga, Zavrouho, Tourlia, between of which is Souli. On a steep peak a little lower, we can see the Castle of Kiafa.

We see a church made of stone. This is the Monastery of Agia Paraskevi, which was built in 1793 by the monk Samuel and was blown up on December 15, 1803 so as not to be conquered by the enemy.

The film’s date of shooting is June 4, 1972. We see people gathered to celebrate the 169th Anniversary of the Souli Festival, a series of events in honor of the people of Souli who fell heroically during the Ottoman rule in Greece, defending their freedom. We are in the courtyard of the Primary School. Priests perform the doxology in the presence of the bishop of Paramythia Paul, political and military authorities, citizens and members of dance groups dressed in traditional local costumes. Among the officials is the Deputy Minister - Regional of Epirus of the then dictatorship government, Petros Kotselis.

A shot of the monument of the fallen with the royal (now presidential) guard being around it, holding the Greek flag. Then we see dance groups dancing traditional dances.

We see a close-up shot of the musicians who accompany them holding lute, clarinet, violin and bandir (local tambourine) while in the background the dance groups continue to dance. Photographers capture the events and the officials who watch the art program, sitting under a shady tent. Next, we see a new group who dances as they wear a red uniform with a yellow headscarf.

Lastly, we see a general view of all the groups and the musicians.



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Gkikas Georgios

HD (1440x1080)



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Super 8mm