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Volos is a city, in Thessaly, built in the innermost part of the Pagasitic Gulf, at the foot of Mount Pelion.

We are in the courtyard of the 3rd Elementary School of Volos, in the area of ​​Nea Ionia where the school flag bearer, together with the attendees, precede a mini parade of all students, uniformly dressed in white T-shirts and shorts.

They pass in front of a large scaffolding and line up harmoniously, with the help of their teachers.

The students pray, the flag is raised and finally the children walk out, leaving the space for those that start the gymnastic demonstrations which mark the end of the school year.

Holding a flag in each hand, the young students do various gymnastic exercises as a teacher gives the commands for stretch, bending, etc. Photographers capture the moments, parents and relatives watch the events of the children.



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Georgios Apostoleris

HD (1440x1080)



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Gymnastics demonstrations 1st class of the 3rd Primary School of Volos.
June 1969. The school is in its old form, the scaffolding is from the construction of the pavilion.
The ceremony begins with the arrival of the flag and the attendees of the School, the flag is raised and all the students are in line.
The exercises are difficult and precise and everyone is dressed in white and with blue collars.
Teachers Mary Matzorou and Athanasios Zervas supervise while among the others there are always the freelance photographers of Volos of that era.
Many students will recognize themselves years later…
Apostoleris Konstantinos