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Tolo is a small village in Greece on the Peloponnese peninsula. It is part of the municipal unit of Asini, in Argolis and it is built alongside a big beach of the Argolic Gulf.

We are on a sandy beach of the village and we see in a panoramic view the Argolic Gulf, anchored boats, the rocky islet of Romvi and we end up at a beach restaurant where groups of friends eat, drink, talk and enjoy the landscape.

A cuddled up, smiling middle-aged couple walks on the beach, the man at some point bends over, takes a pebble and in a special way throws it into the sea, so that the pebble bounces a few times before it sinks.

Afterwards, at the entrance of the tavern of Spithouris (as some locals informed us), three men (Lampis Koumpis, Manolis Sgouros and Kostas Niotis) dance a folk greek dance, another one sits at a table and drinks Greek coffee, a poster of the Greek Red Cross is hung on the wall, calling all greek people for fundraiser and a radio speaker with the inscription of the shop from which it was bought: "RADIO FRENTZOS”.

Lastly, a view of the store manager who brings a drink-treat on a serving tray to the three dancers.


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Vernicos A. Nicolas

HD (1440x1080)



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